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T O    T H E    M O O N

An Epic Art Film Featuring Artist Liu Kuo-sung



The art film To the Moon reinterprets the creative, experiential and cognitive journey of contemporary ink painting artist Liu Kuo-sung. Through the integration of historic film footage and experimental visual and acoustic presentation, the film traverses the span of time and the borders between nations to present the ever-present rootlessness in Liu’s life.

Holding a mirror up to the power of collective memory in the twentieth century, this film challenges its viewers to reexamine their values and perceptions of history and more importantly, begs the universal question of how individuals may regain their conceptions of home, belonging, loss and solitude.

With To the Moon, CAMLab invites the audience to follow the cinematic narrative through war-induced trauma felt by Liu and the generation he embodies in his continuous search for belonging that flows into his ink-saturated creations.

Stay tuned for our next screening to experience what flashes through the mind of an artist and to learn what imbues Liu strength to lift his brush to paper.



↗ Film Trailer (2018)
Editing Showreel (2019)
Macrolens Experiment (2019)

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