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The Harvard University CAMLab (Chinese Art Media Lab) aims to create a vivid and artistically bold digital multimedia experience of the historically crucial city of Luoyang as it existed during the Northern Wei period (494-534). Employing video technology, digital exhibitions, online gaming, and educational opportunities that will be openly available beyond the Harvard community, the resulting multi-platform experience will appeal to students, scholars, and citizens from around the world. Online participants will experience the unique architecture, religious life, and cultural abundance of ancient Luoyang, whose significance as a global capital of Buddhist history remains to this day.

Few people today are familiar with the vital role Luoyang played in the ancient world. Despite its fame and thousands of years of history, early records of the city are scarce. Yet the history of Luoyang, and the place it held for many centuries as a Buddhist capital and a source of world culture, have significance to a wide range of artists, scholars, Buddhist adherents, students of religion or religious history, historians, and anyone curious about the ancient world. CAMLab’s Digital Luoyang will bring this ancient city back to life and reveal it to contemporary global citizens in an exciting new way. The project is aimed at not only revealing history, but also creating new understandings and experiences that are of the highest artistic and educational value themselves.


Embark on your journey to the ancient mirage city Luoyang here
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For scholars, artists, and donors interested in collaborating with the Digital Luoyang team, please contact: projectteam@harvardcamlab.com
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