Application deadline: Open – Fall Semester 2022

Application deadline: Open – Spring Semester 2023

Visiting Scholar Program

The mission and purpose of CAMLab is bringing together humanistic inquiry with cutting-edge technology and design. Our work is forward-looking, experimental work that explores enduring questions of human consciousness. We have an enduring passion for Learning, Service and Involvement, Creativity and Innovation, Academic Excellence, Dignity, Respect, and Integrity.

Over the past few years, CAMLab has hosted a number of scholars who have enriched the Harvard community by conducting collaborative research. We recognize the value of such relationships; they foster collaboration, diversity, enrich the academic environment, and enhance CAMLab’s mission of excellence, research, and innovation.

This program is administered by Harvard FAS CAMLab.

CAMLab will grant the opportunity for scholar appointments to scholars who are an academic match with the department. The program is intended to facilitate mutually beneficial interaction and collaboration between the CAMLab community and scholars. Making this a great opportunity for select scholars to pursue scholarly and intellectual development and advance their research interests.

Visiting scholars will

  • Have access to the Harvard Library system, museums, and resources
  • With permission from Harvard faculty member teaching the course, opportunities to audit relevant classes
  • Opportunities to interact with other faculty, graduate students, CAMLab collaborators, core team and CAMLab community


On and off campus resources

CAMLab will be home central for incoming scholars, using Harvard resources with assistance from our administrative team the scholar will receive help with:

  • Finding housing, understanding necessities needed
  • Resources for Spouses/Partners and children
  • Understanding university resources including athletic facilities, libraries and museums, transportation, etc.


The campus experience

Scholars will have an opportunity to immerse themselves in the Harvard campus environment.

  • Opportunities to attend Harvard sporting events
  • The opportunity to interact with the university’s community
  • Opportunities to visit historic sites and experience art and cultural events in Boston, Cambridge and across Massachusetts.


Scholarly exchange

  • The scholar will have the opportunity to share his/her research with Harvard FAS CAMLab academia through presentations and/or scheduled gatherings
  • The scholar will also have the opportunity to attend other Harvard academic presentations and gatherings
To be granted visiting status, please the scholar should meet the following requirement and submit the following material:

Basic requirement:

  • Completed application package
  • Applicant must have extensive scholarly knowledge
  • Applicant must hold a graduate degree


Additional Material required:

  • Research proposal for the intended appointment period
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • A curriculum vitae in English
  • English language proficiency – The US Department of State requires the scholar possess sufficient proficiency in the English language
  • Demonstrate appropriate funding defined by visa requirements
  • Provide an appropriate work sample
    (Please submit your application material in one email and as one PDF)


Selection and Expectations

The scholar’s research proposal may be for the entire academic year or for a particular semester. Those on a Visiting Scholar appointment will be expected to reside at or near Harvard University in Cambridge, MA.

The scholar is encouraged to participate in the Harvard CAMLab scholarly life and programs, which include presentations, conferences, and other events that are open to attend throughout the year.

If accepted as a scholar, the candidate will receive a formal notification letter and a request for additional information in order to process the J-1 visa.



An administrative fee of $5,000 per semester will be charged to the visiting scholar corresponding to the applicant’s appointment.

Keep in mind the deadline for each academic year and allow sufficient time for advance consideration and planning. Any questions regarding this process can be sent to