Visiting Student Program

Embracing the interdisciplinary academic, technical, and artistic capabilities of the Harvard community, CAMLab offers Harvard students broad opportunities to explore the intersections of humanistic inquiry and cutting-edge technology. Students can partake in multiple facets of CAMLab, from academic research to creative production and curating. Furthermore, students take a seat at the table of CAMLab’s planning process; they contribute recommendations for engaging audiences across various channels of creative practice, both digital and materialized. In addition to gaining skills applicable to an array of fields—cultural heritage preservation, global diplomacy, design, tech, exhibition making, performance, and more—Harvard students join CAMLab’s efforts to pioneer experimental projects and methodologies.


Harvard FAS CAMLab is thrilled to launch our Visiting Student Program. This program is an exceptional opportunity for enthusiastic and dedicated students who are in the midst of their academic pursuits. We are looking for individuals who have a keen interest in Asian art and culture, and who are eager to explore the dynamic interplay between scholarly research and media technology. This is more than just an academic experience; it’s a chance to deepen your understanding and appreciation of these fields in a vibrant, collaborative environment.


What We Offer:

Participate in Harvard courses specializing in the history of art and architecture, alongside other related subjects.

Involvement in CAMLab’s leading-edge research and creative projects.

Access to Harvard’s unparalleled academic resources and facilities.

The chance to learn from and work with Harvard’s world-class faculty and researchers.


Online Participation/Non-residential Option:

For students who face travel limitations or visa issues, we offer a virtual participation route. This ensures that you can benefit from Harvard’s academic offerings and engage with the CAMLab community from anywhere in the world through our online platforms.


Who Should Apply:

  • Graduate students currently enrolled in a degree program.
  • Individuals seeking an immersive academic experience in their field of study.
  • Students interested in exploring the intersection of traditional scholarship and digital innovation.


Application Process:

  • Submit a current academic transcript and a letter of enrollment from your home institution.
  • Provide a research plan outlining your academic goals and how the program aligns with them.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Include two letters of recommendation from a faculty member or academic advisor.
  • Writing sample or portfolio.


Administration Fee:

The administration fee is essential for the continued provision of high-quality services and support throughout the program. The student’s visiting proposal may be for the entire academic year or for a particular semester. An administrative fee of $5,000 per semester will be charged to the visiting student corresponding to the applicant’s appointment.

Harvard University fosters an inclusive environment and strongly encourages applications from students of all backgrounds from around the globe. If accepted as a visiting student, the candidate will receive a formal notification letter and a request for additional information in order to process the J-1 visa.


The Visiting Student program operates on a rolling basis.

Please submit your application materials to


Embrace this opportunity to broaden your horizons and become a part of Harvard’s vibrant academic community.



Visa & Eligibility

  1. CSC Support and Exchange Opportunities: Scholars benefiting from the China Scholarship Council support are invited to apply for exchange opportunities at CAMLab. For detailed consultation and inquiries, kindly reach out to either or, depending on the category of your application.
  2. Assistance with Visa Applications: While the responsibility for securing a visa lies with the individual, CAMLab provides requisite support in procuring necessary documentation for visa applications. Please direct your queries to the aforementioned email addresses for specific guidance.
  3. Language Test Scores: The submission of English language proficiency test scores, while recommended, is not a mandatory requirement for application.
  4. Selection Criteria: The program’s selection process prioritizes academic excellence, alignment of research interests with CAMLab’s objectives, and the potential for meaningful academic contribution.
  5. O-1 Visa Holders: Individuals possessing an O-1 visa are welcome to apply, subject to the standard selection criteria and program stipulations. Relevant inquiries should be directed to the appropriate contact email.


Application Requirements

  1. Rolling Admissions Process: CAMLab operates on a rolling admissions basis. There is no formal deadline; however, prospective applicants are strongly advised to submit their applications at least six months in advance. This ensures sufficient time for the comprehensive processing of both the admission and visa applications.
  2. Writing Sample Specifications: Submission of a writing sample is recommended but not required. When submitting one, the applicant should choose a piece that can best demonstrate their research prowess and alignment with CAMLab’s focus areas.


Fees & Expenses

  1. Administrative Fee Structure: The administrative fee is set at $5,000 per semester, applicable equally to both onsite and remote participants.
  2. Funding and Scholarship Opportunities: On rare occasions, CAMLab may offer merit-based scholarships to exceptionally qualified candidates. However, given the scarcity of such scholarships, candidates are encouraged to primarily explore alternative funding avenues.
  3. Housing Provisions for Scholars: Successful applicants, upon their admission to the program, will become part of the Harvard community. Standard housing options will be available for their consideration, albeit at personal expense. Detailed housing information will be furnished post-admission.


Duration & Scheduling

  1. Program Duration and Renewal Policy: The program operates on a semester basis. A full academic year (two semesters) is recommended for a comprehensive experience, with the possibility of renewal contingent upon evaluation and mutual agreement at the term’s conclusion.


Program Information

  1. Advisor Engagement: While direct contact with potential advisors is not mandatory, it is advisable. This facilitates a better understanding of specific CAMLab projects of interest. Promising candidates may be connected with relevant CAMLab core team members for more comprehensive information.
  2. Postdoctoral Program Application: Aspiring postdoctoral researchers are encouraged to apply to the Visiting Scholar program, adhering to the same application criteria.
  3. Program Content and Focus Areas: The program encompasses a variety of themes and areas of study, details of which are available on the CAMLab website.
  4. Course Structure and Academic Schedule: The program’s courses are structured in accordance with the academic calendar, with specific formats detailed on the website of the Registrar Office of Harvard University


For any further information or clarification, prospective applicants are encouraged to contact either or, as appropriate to their application.