In 1949, at the age of seventeen, artist Liu Guosong left his home in Wuhan, China during the panic and hysteria of the Nationalist exodus from the mainland. This historical epic, spanning wartime China to the moon landing, traces his spiritual journey through the tumult of the twentieth century. At the foreground of Chinese modernism, Liu was the leader of the Fifth Moon Group, the avant-garde collective that revolutionized Chinese painting in Taiwan. 

Between 1969 to 1972, Liu produced over three hundred “space paintings” in the relentless pursuit to capture the enigmatic qualities of a limitless nature. In these ethereal Space Age landscapes—combining traditional Chinese ink medium with the techniques of abstract expressionism, minimalism, and Op art—Liu manifested the ethos of a changing era while reflecting cosmic themes of home, dislocation, solitude, and transcendence. The film tells the story of how one artist, searching for identity against a period of intense historical change, found a spiritual homeland in the cold, silent vistas of the moon.

to the moon