T E A    
一 茶    

  C O S M O S
     一 宇 宙

  In the Rounds of the Bowl


Warmed on the hearth that birthed millennia of Chinese tea ceremony traditions, CAMLab delightedly present an esteemed ancient custom to its contemporary audience as
“Tea • Cosmos”

Envisioned to traverse many worlds of creations and productions including a future on-site digital interactive exhibition, “Tea • Cosmos” situates itself and its viewers in the midst of ancient tea rituals. You will find yourself as an onlooker and partaker of what is soon to be tea in its typical form during the Song Dynasty - the whisked tea ceremony. CAMLab invites you to experience both the witness’s and performer’s visceral perspectives.

The journey starts with you building your dynamism in the personified role of tea: the tea transforms from a rigid cake to fine powder, to effervescent foam, and finally sublimates to a platonic wisp of steam escaping the tea bowl. Sequentially, you switch your position to the human agent and a tea drinker, and the practice is elevated through one’s intent to achieve a state of near meditation in reciprocity. Eventually, the ritual leaves both the tea itself as the protagonist and you as a partaker with a metaphysical wrestle between the states of doing and undoing. From the tactile to the immaterial, from rigid to fluid, CAMLab invites you to embody this experience as your own and gain clarity through this performance. This undertaking expands beyond a bowl of tea, beyond our production, and lies right at your feet, waiting for you to enter.

The interactive space “CAMLab Tea House” inaugurates CAMLab’s attempt to get our toes wet in the deep waters of tea ceremony lore. Enter this virtual space with us.


沉浸式影像以宋代点茶为线索,将茶物理形态的变化,和饮茶者摆脱杂念的心理状态的变化同步呈现出来。在这个过程中,茶从坚硬的茶饼,到细碎的粉末,再到粉水中泡沫,最后升华为一缕毫无杂质的茶香。而人的内心也从杂念缠身, 经过思想斗争, 最后终于解脱,进入毫无杂念的超然状态。这是一个从有形到无形,从刚到柔的状态。让人们看到茶碗里的无限宇宙, 和凝固的时空。

线上交互空间《CAMLab Tea House》则是一次探索性的尝试,通过网页交互设计,营造出富有神秘感和仪式感的虚拟茶室空间,也是一个开放创作的线上交互空间。