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T A N G  N E C R O P O L I S

Immersive Projection Installation | Concept

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Tang Necropolis breathes life into ages past: reaching back to Tang Imperial Mausoleums, across the Northern Wei Mountain Ranges and through the sands of the Wei River that have accrued alongside those of the Western Han. Waters slice through the mausoleum's colossal mountain guardians that span hundreds of miles and centuries.

Each spectator within the Necropolis is honored as a guest within this space: the guest is led deeper first through a familiar contemporary space that morphs room by room, layer by layer.

The guests finds themselves witnessing an Imperial funerary procession from the nether world as they are brought deeper into the new realm. Led into inner chambers, they are welcomed at an eternal celebration at Tang Court, served and entertained as royalty. With each chamber they enter they are transformed further until - what?

Find out when Tang Necropolis launches in the near future.

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