S T U D Y   OF   L A U G H S
笑 的 研 究

Affective Engagement | Collective Imagination | Exteriorized Interiority


Study of Laughs is a research-cum-creative project that probes and stages the history of laughs as a cultural expression in modern Chinese history.

Using Geng Jianyi’s iconic painting, The Second State (1987), as a point of entry, this project assembles an array of digital and archival findings for a creative presentation in five themes: 

Burst Out Laughing: “Savagery” and Civilization
Laugh until You Cry: Tragedy and Comedy
Troubled Laughter: Laughs and Politics
A Put-on Grin: Face and Mask
The Last Laugh: The Other Shore

Discrete at first glance, these five themes string up essential cultural nodes to complete the picture of a collective mental state of people’s imaginations in 20th-century China.

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爆透的笑: 野性與文明
淚中帶笑: 悲劇與喜劇
苦惱人的笑: 笑與政治
皮笑肉不笑: 面具之下
回頭一笑: 彼岸


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Jiacheng Liu, Sammi Wang, Jessie Xie, Alina Yang, Kyra Yao, Beryl Zhou, Muyun Zhou

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