Harvard CAMLab

R O M A N C E   O F   T H E   W E S T E R N   C H A M B E R

西   厢   记

Unravelling Paths in the Scroll


Harvard University's CAMLab invites you into the realm of the Chinese literary classic, Romance of the Western Chamber. An immersive interactive educational game, the game Romance of the Western Chamber borrows its instructional focus from the eponymous tale and is further informed by contemporaneous works of art.

As you traverse the vast architectural space, among the material objects that most are rarely able to witness with such proximity, the player is able to soak in the cognitive universe presented by the historical artworks of Western Chamber. CAMLab invokes a wellspring of pedagogical research in the form of this experience to reveal the dialectical relationship between traditional Chinese practices and their material manifestations. Through each varying visual point of view, the game welcomes a suspension of identity to wade into alternating perspectives within the story of Western Chamber and absorb alternate approaches to life and will.



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