Harvard CAMLab

Peering into the Courtyard


The Courtyard scene refers to the scale and architectural elements from Yin Yu Tang.

YOU are entering real vernacular house by entering the space from one side of the installation and exiting through layers of screen doors, walls, and the staircase from the opposite. Drawn in by the screen doors and a deep space of the main hall, YOU stand in the courtyard and-

Look up-

-mesmerized. By what? YOU move your gaze along the alignment of screen windows and the slanting roof above. The second floor is a pillar of screen windows and the eaves as YOU stand agape: the shadows and depth of the Courtyard shifts before your eyes.

Step back-

- to take in what is beyond the tangible, conspicuous components. YOU contemplate the contemporary and history; reality and reveries. After all, who could tell the difference between what appears real and what emerges in a dream?

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