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This online game project brings modern players into the cultural world of the most mysterious board game in Chinese cultural history, Liubo 六博.

Designed as a cosmological model, Liubo was believed to be a game of immortals 仙. The board pattern signifies the structure of the cosmos; the movement of the game pieces simulated the dynamics of cosmic energies. Liubo was also imagined as a medium through which humans interacted with the supernatural realm. In Chinese legends,  humans were able to transcends time and space and to altar their own destines by playing liubo with immortals. With all these significant cosmological associations, Liubo was applied as an ideal diagram to structure the designs of coins, divination tools, and even imperial palaces.

Based on an extensive research on the culture of Liubo, CAMLab revitalized the imagination, excitement, and fun behind this ancient game.

“仙人攬六箸,對博太山隅. 四海一何局, 九州安所如。” 


秦漢時期的仙人之棋“ 六博”,隨著近年的考古發掘,其物質風貌與遊戲規則漸漸浮出水面。更令人震驚的是“六博”在秦漢社會中的深厚文化:“六博”棋局被視為宇宙運行的微縮模型、被作為人界與仙界溝通交流的媒介,更被用於預測命運的占卜之術。中斷了漢代統治的王莽新朝,甚至從小小“六博”棋局中甚至生發出了巍峨恢宏的天子明堂、宮殿建築,更衍生出了政治運行的思維系統。

哈佛大學 CAMLab “仙人之局·六博之謎”遊戲項目,通過對六博的實物遺存、歷史文獻、文化傳播等方面的深入研究,重構了秦漢“六博”的遊戲規則,全面梳理了“六博”所蘊含的秦漢時期對於宇宙、人世、仙界的想像。此遊戲項目,參與者以“遇仙對弈”為線索,體驗仙界棋局、天子朝廷、人間四海三個不同的時空的聯通和互動,帶領人們一步步走入秦漢時期的物質世界、仙界傳說、政治制度、和宇宙想像。
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