Harvard CAMLab
CAMLab Internship Program 
Harvard FAS CAMLab provides internship opportunities for talented students to join the lab’s innovative and interdisciplinary projects that bring together humanistic research and cutting-edge media technologies.

The interns will have the opportunity to participate in one or multiple projects being developed at CAMLab, including immersive multimedia exhibitions, art films, online exhibitions, digital art installations, A.I.-generated art projects, etc.

This program also provides training courses, workshops, and lectures led by world-renowned artists and scholars on media production as well as academic research.


- Archival Research
- CG Art and Design
- Graphic Design 
- Website Design 
- Architectural Modeling and Rendering 
- Film Design
- Marketing and Copywriting
- Public Programming
- Strategy and Development
- Legal Compliance
- GIS topography

For more information regarding the application and/or position requirements, please refer to the Harvard CAMLab Spring Hiring 2022 document.

Please submit all required documents to the following email: CAMLab@fas.harvard.edu
cc media.harvardcamlab@gmail.com.

Email Subject Format:
Spring Internship+Your Full Name

Application Deadline:

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