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F I R E   D R E A M

Biomorphic Materiality in the Digital Age

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An immersive virtual exhibition produced by Harvard CAMLab, Fire Dream explores the idea of an optical illusion and portrays the material-migration process in Zhao Meng’s photographic ceramic art. It queries the presumed primacy of human agency, alluding to a simultaneous convergence and inversion of personhood and objecthood.

This five-episode drama thrusts an array of natural elements into the spotlight and showcases the transformative process they undergo on screen. Their metamorphosis unveils the tension between materiality and virtuality, which further amplifies recurring themes in the making of biomorphic ceramic art: mystery, tension, destruction, transformation, and cyclic resolution.

In collaboration with
Artist / ZHAO Meng
Gallery / Urban Network Office

Fire Dream’s project team spearheads CAMLab’s spirit.

We take staying flexible in a creative environment to heart: through its collaborative working structure and adaptability to overcoming obstacles, a mutually enriching learning process occurs from the respective specialities that each member possesses.

Fire Dream was conceived through the belief that resources and talent manifests and shines brightest when working with talent across each stage of professional development. We believe that the best work is developed through many iterations, always reviewed collectively as a team.

Our team takes action using a basis of rigorous academic research that is organically transformed into artistic practices. Inspired by the diverse community we inhabit, we embrace the global culture that envelops us in our work.

Working from Chinese art and artists as a foundation, we aspire to reinterpret traditional concepts that can speak to an international audience and call for an all-inclusive joining in.

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