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Seminar |  If My heart were one of Lotus Blossom: Design Analysis of Liang Sicheng’s “Architect Lin Huiyin Grave”


Date: September 4th 2021. 9:00PM EST

Guest Speaker: Professor Ding Yao

The academic achievements of Liang SiCheng and Lin HuiYin have made their mark within academic circles into the present day. However, their reputations as architects have not garnered the same spotlight despite being worthy of study and recognition. Professor Ding Yao will use the perspective of architectural creation to analyze and understand the ideals, education, and emotions that Liang SiCheng infused into the process of designing Lin HuiYin’s grave. This seminar will help to bridge the gap between the fields Liang Sicheng has established himself in and highlight the path he has taken to express his ideals of life within the spatial dimension.

Note: [This seminar will be presented in Mandarin Chinese]

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