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Seminar | Buddhist Monastic Site of Thareli in the Gandhara Region and Its Sculptures

Date & Time:

December 2nd, 2021. 7:30PM EST
December 3rd, 2021. 8:30AM CST / 9:30AM JST   

Guest Speakers: 

Professor Satoshi Naiki

Assistant professor at the Center for Studies of Cultural Heritage and Inter-Humanities, Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University.

Thareli site excavation was conducted by the Japanese Archaeological Mission under Professor S. Mizuno in 1963 - 1967. The site is situated in a narrow gorge, secluded from the township and crowds. The excavation revealed over 100 buildings in the mountain and thousands of stone and stucco sculptures, coins, pottery, and iron implements. Despite the peculiarity of the monastery’s location, it is one of the largest known Buddhist complexes in Central Asia. 

Note: [This lecture will be presented in English with simultaneous translations to Mandarin Chinese. ]

This event is free to public via Zoom but advance registration is required. .

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