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Seminar | Performing Dunhuang Murals: Traditional Analysis to Modern Creation

Date & Time:
November 6th, 2021. 8:00PM CST / 8:00AM EST
Guest Speaker:
Professor SHI Min (Beijing Academy of Dance)

Dunhuang murals have a brilliant history of more than 1,600 years, with music and dance being an extremely important topic in Dunhuang art. The images of dancers in the Mogao Grottoes have a dazzling array of dance poses and gestures. They not only perpetuate the style characteristics of the eras they were depicted in, but also have a basic unified aesthetic that extends across the ages.

This seminar, “Performing Dunhuang Murals,” invites Professor SHI Min from Beijing Academy of Dance to share her dancing and teaching experience of Dunhuang Dance. She will interpret the perception of dance as seen on Dunhuang murals from a new perspective, from curriculum structure and talent training to choreography and performance.
The Dunhuang "Flying Apsaras" dance is based on the image of the Flying Apsaras and the Ji Le Bodhisattva in different eras. It originates from the movement and aesthetic laws of dancing itself but also draws inspiration from other art categories. Dunhuang dance reinvigorates traditional art forms and creates a unique Chinese performance type.

Note: [This lecture will be presented in Mandarin Chinese with simultaneous translations to English. ]

This event is free to public via Zoom but advance registration is required. .

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