Harvard CAMLab

Exploring the Future of Buddhism through a Historical Perspective:
With a Reference to the Tzu Chi School of Buddhism

Date & Time:
October 12nd 2021. 6:00AM PDT / 8:00AM CST / 9:00AM EST / 2:00PM BST

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Rey-Sheng Her 
Deputy CEO of Buddhist Tzu Chi Charity Foundation
Associate of Harvard FAS CAMLab

Richard Madsen
Professor Emeritus of Sociology,UC San Diego

Elise Anne DeVido

Chair, Department of English Language and Literature, Tzu Chi University

The lecture analyzes the reasons underlying the disappearance of Indian Buddhism during and before the 13th century, and the decline of Chinese Buddhism after the Ming Dynasty. The modernization of Buddhism must aim to better the society and apply its philosophy and practices to contribute to the well-being of the secular world. Buddhism could generate larger global impacts through reformulating Buddhist philosophy, reforming organizations, and promoting spiritual practices. The future of Buddhism relies on its continuous adaption to and influences on our modern society.

This lecture is part of the Yin-Cheng Distinguished Lecture Series on Buddhism, hosted by Harvard CAMLab.

Note: [This lecture will be presented with simultaeneous translations in English and Mandarin Chinese. ]

This event is free to public via Zoom but advance registration is required. This event will also be livestreamed on Youtube.

Dr. Rey-Sheng Her is the Deputy CEO of Buddhist Tzu Chi Charity Foundation and also the Associate Professor at Tzu Chi University and National Chengchi University. He was the Spokesman and Director of Department of Literature and History of the Tzu Chi Foundation.

Dr. Her received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Peking University, Master of Art on Communication Management, the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism of the University of Southern California. As a veteran media professional, he was a senior news anchor and TV program producer. The documentary he produced “Great Love as Running Water─the History of Bone Marrow Transplantation”, was selected as Best Documentary in Pacific Asia & Africa Regions of the Emmy Award International in 2004. Dr. Her has delivered speeches on Buddhism and NGO Management at Harvard University, University of Oxford, Peking University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Normal University, and the University of Hong Kong, and many international symposiums.

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